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Centennial College Draws the World to its Doorstep
Toronto’s Centennial College is the most popular Canadian college for international students.
Transfer your Courses to a Canadian University
Get Course Credit at Your Canadian University by Studying at Athabasca University.
Starting Your Journey in Canada
At Bow Valley College, we strive to make your journey a smooth transition!
6 Things to Know About Canada Before Moving Here
Know what to expect before you arrive here!
Lessons in moving to Canada and UOIT
Learning from the past, UOIT student Oscar Liu gives advice on preparing for Canadian life.
Start at Seneca – Because it matters!
Experience multiculturalism first hand with our diverse on-campus community.
Red Deer Schools International Student Services
Welcoming international students to Canada and Red Deer – great learning and fun!
The University of Manitoba welcomes you!
If you dream of living and studying in a welcoming environment, the University of Manitoba is for you!
Get your Tourism Training in Beautiful BC, Canada!
Make your move to Canada easy with these simple steps.
Making the Move!
It’s time to seriously think about making the big move to Canada!
University of Windsor: Arriving in Canada
To make your arrival to Canada as smooth as possible, we have created the Soft Landing Program!
Adjusting to Life as an International Student
While coming to a new country and school can be challenging, there are resources to help you along the way.