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5 Application Tips for Getting into an Art and Design University in Canada
Learn how to make sense of Canadian admission requirements.
2018 Maclean
See which universities have made the rankings for 2018!
2018 Maclean
Check out the rankings for universities that offer primarily undergraduate degrees!
2018 Maclean
Check out the rankings for universities that offer undergraduate, graduate and professional programs!
2018 Maclean
Check out Canada's top ranked medical and doctoral schools for 2018!
Don’t Be the Victim of a Kidnapping Scam!
As an international student you are the most at risk for these types of scams.
Ready to the Core - Redeemer University-College
What's at the core?The core, along with the flexibility and opportunity for...
How to Apply to University of British Columbia
Learn more about applying to UBC! Step-by-step guide.
Applying to Canadian Schools in 5 Simple Steps
A step-by-step guide to Canadian Admissions.
Navigating the Application Process
Helpful hints for preparing to study in Canada.
Find Method in the Madness
Key Info to Gather to Survive your University Applications with your Sanity Intact!
Crafting the Perfect Post-Secondary School Application
Think getting accepted to your dream school is all about your grades? Think again!