Discover: Life in Canada

Get a Head Start on Your Future Career at UAlberta!
Choosing the right Canadian university is important for finding a career post-graduation!
How to Find Your First Canadian Job?
Land a job before you graduate!
Tips for Achieving Career Success in Canada
Co-operative education (or "co-op") is one of the best ways of laying the groundwork for career success.
Advice on Working in Canada
There's help for international students finding work that can foster lifelong success!
Take a look inside York University! [VIDEO]
York University is known for championing new ways of thinking that drive te...
Take Your Education beyond Borders
Broaden your horizons with study abroad opportunities, exchanges, and field schools.
Don’t Be the Victim of a Kidnapping Scam!
As an international student you are the most at risk for these types of scams.
University Life at Concordia!
Montreal: A student cityMontreal is one of the world's truly great cities. ...
Preparing to Move to Montreal for University
Organizing your study permits, travel documents, housing, and more.
International Education at Bow Valley College
Our goal in the International Education Department of Bow Valley College is to support the development, progress and success of all international students.
How Can I Prepare For Winter?
Winter tips to keep you warm and prepared for the winter climate.
What Permit/Visa Do I Need to Enter Canada?
How to apply for your study permit and what visa you require.