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School and Degree Types

Public Secondary School A public secondary school, or high school, is a government funded school for students between the ages of 12 - 18.
Private Secondary School A private secondary school, or high school, is the same as a public secondary school, except the school receives funding from the students in the form of tuition.
Undergraduate A school that a student would attend after graduating from secondary school.
University Generally a publicly funded post-secondary undergraduate school (though there are some private universities in Canada) which offers degree programs, such as bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.
College A publicly funded post-secondary undergraduate school that offers certificate and diploma programs.
University College A publicly or privately funded post-secondary undergraduate school that offers both degree and diploma programs.
Career College A privately funded post-secondary undergraduate school that may offer certificate and diploma programs.
Graduate Schools A publicly funded school that students attend after obtaining a bachelor degree or part of a bachelor degree.
Business Schools A publicly funded graduate school that offers master's of business (MBA) programs. They may also offer business related doctorate programs.
Dental Schools A publicly funded graduate school that educates students to become dentists.
Law Schools A publicly funded graduate school that educates students to become lawyers.
Medical Schools A publicly funded graduate school that educates students to become doctors of medicine.
Language Schools Privately funded schools that specialize in teaching students a second language. Publicly funded colleges and universities may run their own language schools as well.
Continuing Education Programs offered by colleges, universities and universities colleges for people who want to improve existing skills or develop new ones. Certificates may be handed out for completion of a continuing education program.
Corporate Training Short courses offered often by private companies to train employees of companies in new skills or to help develop new skills.

Degree Types
Secondary School Diploma A student receives this when they successfully graduate from secondary (high) school.
Certificate This degree is awarded by colleges and some universities. Usually it is denotes the completion of a shorter program.
Diploma Offered by colleges and university colleges.
Post-diploma A diploma program offered to students who have already completed one diploma program.
Associate Degree A program offered at the university level, but only lasting two years.
Bachelor The first degree offered at a university or university college at the undergraduate level. Generally three years long.
Honours Bachelor Degree A four year bachelor program.
Master or Master's The degree granted at the first level of graduate school. Students may only enter school in pursuit of a master's degree after finishing their bachelor degree.
Doctorate or PhD The degree granted at highest level of graduate school.
Degree Modifiers
Honours Used in conjunction with a bachelor degree it signifies a four year program.
Co-op This indicates that there is a work term or that you must work as part of the program requirements. Schools help students find co-op term jobs.
University Transfer This indicates that the full program is not available at the school and student must transfer to another institution to finish their degree.
Distance This indicates that the program can be taken at home as opposed to traveling to campus.
Online Indicates that the program is taken through the Internet.
Apprenticeship Indicates that the student will learn by working for an established practitioner of the skills of their program.
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