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People in more than 40 cities around the world are responding to the untimely loss of bullying victim Amanda Todd. Do you think your school is doing enough to protect victims of bullying? (10/23/2012)

The Ontario government has imposed a new contract that freezes teachersí wages for two years and bans them from walking off the job. The teachers are threatening to withdraw extracurricular activities for students as a way to protest against this leg (9/28/2012)

The Ontario Government is considering shorter bachelor degrees programs, more online learning, and the option of three full semesters a year instead of two. How do you feel about these changes? (8/10/2012)

Schools in British Columbia could be starting school year-round in 2013. Do you think that attending school year-round is beneficial to learning? (7/17/2012)

Graduation is an exciting time of the year and summer is just beginning. We want to know if you will be moving away from home to complete your studies. (6/11/2012)

How Will You Use This Summer to Prepare For University/College? (5/31/2012)

What's most important to you when choosing a career? (5/5/2012)

A tuition fee hike has been declared in Quebec, which proposes a 75% increase in tuition fees over a period of 5 years for Quebec residents. What do you think about the tuition hike? (3/24/2012)

Do you think itís important to know your ideal career path and the specific schools or training you will need to obtain your goals -- all at a very young age? (2/22/2012)

The Ontario government is offering students 30% off their tuition fees in the Winter/Spring 2012 term. What do you think of their new initiative? (1/8/2012)

Everyone wants to have more money, but do you know the basics to money management? When it comes to knowledge about financial literacy, who is your main source for advice or information? (12/6/2011)

School applications are well underway. While filling out your applications, did you apply to a "safety" school? (11/14/2011)

It's that time of year again. What do you consider when searching for the school that's right for you? (10/14/2011)

Six provinces are having provincial elections this month, who are you most likely to vote for? (10/4/2011)

In a perfect world, how would you like to manage your tuition payments? (9/8/2011)

Do you have the 'back to school' jitters? Let us know how you deal with anxiety. (8/26/2011)

August, already? Maybe this heat is giving us amnesia! We want to know what youíre excited about this month. (8/3/2011)

Environment Canada says things are getting hot, hot, hot! What are you doing to beat the heat? (7/20/2011)

It's Canada Day and school's out!!! So what are you up to this summer? (6/30/2011)

Should there be advertising in high schools? (3/9/2011)

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