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The shooting death of a Toronto teen last week in his school has renewed calls for handguns to be banned. Do you agree? (5/28/2007)

The United States is trying to persuade the G8 countries to downplay the urgency of the climate crisis. How do you feel about that? (5/22/2007)

How many hours do you spend online every week? (5/14/2007)

Are you interested in graduate studies (Masters, Ph.D.)? (5/7/2007)

Are you willing to pay more for appliances, transportation and other things to help combat climate change? (4/30/2007)

Do you agree with the Toronto District School Board's decision to ban cellphone use in school classrooms and hallways? (4/23/2007)

A study recently revealed that the fat content of most doughnuts is higher than their makers claim. How often do you eat them? (4/16/2007)

When was the Battle of Vimy Ridge? (4/9/2007)

What do you think of Second Life? (4/2/2007)

Do you pay attention to your horoscope? (3/26/2007)

If a federal election were called today, which party would get your vote? (3/19/2007)

Which of the following is your favourite social networking Web site? (3/12/2007)

Do you own a mobile phone? (3/6/2007)

What do you think about commercial advertising in schools? (2/26/2007)

Which film gets your vote for best picture? (2/19/2007)

The world's oldest newspaper has become a Web-only publication. How do you prefer to get your news? (2/12/2007)

Does the use of cell phones (especially for texting) lead to shorter attention spans? (2/5/2007)

Will you (or did you already) manage to get through your post-secondary education debt-free? (1/29/2007)

Climate change is a scary reality. What are you doing about it? (1/22/2007)

Who would you like to see as the next President of the United States? (1/15/2007)

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