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University of Alberta

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Requirements for International Students
Admission requirements vary by program and it is recommended that students visit the UAlberta Web site for updated requirements. Admission is competitive.

Proof of English language proficiency is required. Eligible students (IB, AP, and GCE) may be considered for advanced standing credit.

Procedure for International Students
Find all of your necessary information on the website.

Step 1: Check out program options, admission requirements, and deadlines
Step 2: Submit your application
Step 3: Wait to receive your U of A e-mail and IDs
Step 4: Submit interim documents for Early Admission consideration
Step 5: Explore scholarship opportunities
Step 6: Apply to live on campus
Step 7: Apply for your study permit
Step 8: Send your official and complete documents by the deadline

Full-time Undergraduate Students 2012-2013:29,286
Part-time Undergraduate Students 2012-2013:2,023
Full-time Graduate Students 2012-2013:5,967
Part-time Graduate Students 2012-2013:1,508

Academic Year
Type of System:Semester
Entrance Dates:January, September
Notes: n/s

Language of Instruction
English or French

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