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Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

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3D Animation; Post-diploma
911 and Emergency Services Communications; Certificate
Academic and Career Entrance (The Alternative Learning Lab); n/a
Academic Upgrading (College Preparation for Adults); Certificate
Accounting; Diploma
Accounting and Finance - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Accounting and Payroll - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Accounting Techniques; Certificate
Acting for Camera and Voice; Diploma
Advanced Investigations and Enforcement; Post-diploma
Animation; Diploma
Applied Electronics Design - (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Applied Science and Technology Fundamentals; Certificate
Art Fundamentals; Certificate
Aviation Operations - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Aviation Safety - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Aviation Technology - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Child Development - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Commerce - Business Management Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services Management Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Strategy and Technology Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Commerce - International Accounting and Finance Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Commerce - International Business Management Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Technology - Software Development Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation - Therapeutic Recreation Degree - (Co-op); Bachelor; Co-op
Behavioural Sciences; Diploma
Bioinformatics - (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Biotechnology Advanced - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Brand Management - (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Bridging to Green Careers; Certificate
Broadcasting - Radio; Diploma
Broadcasting - Radio - (Joint Seneca/York Program); Diploma
Broadcasting - Television; Diploma
Broadcasting - Television - (Joint Seneca/York Program); Diploma
Building Systems Engineering Technician - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Business (Formerly General Business); Diploma
Business - Insurance; Diploma
Business - International Business (formerly International Business (IBU)); Diploma
Business - Marketing; Diploma
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business; Diploma
Business Administration - Financial Planning - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration - Human Resources - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration - International Business (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration - Management; Diploma
Business Administration - Marketing - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management; Diploma
Business Office Skills; Certificate
Chemical Engineering Technology - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Chemical Laboratory Technician; Diploma
Chemical Laboratory Technology - Pharmaceutical - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Child and Youth Worker; Diploma
Civil Engineering Technician - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Civil Engineering Technology - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
College Opportunities; Certificate
College Vocational; Certificate
Computer Engineering Technology - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Computer Networking and Technical Support; Diploma
Computer Programmer; Diploma
Computer Programming and Analysis - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technology - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Corporate Communications; Post-diploma
Corporate Communications - (Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Cosmetic Techniques and Management; Diploma
Court and Tribunal Administration; Diploma
Court and Tribunal Administration (Articulated); Diploma
Creative Advertising; Diploma
Creative Advertising - (Joint Seneca/York); Diploma
Database Application Developer - (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Early Childhood Education; Certificate; Apprenticeship
Early Childhood Education; Diploma
Early Childhood Education - (Accelerated); Diploma
Electronics Engineering Technician - Broadband Cable; Diploma
Electronics Engineering Technician - Communications; Diploma
Electronics Engineering Technician - Computers; Diploma
Electronics Engineering Technology - Communications - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Electronics Engineering Technology - Control Systems (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Environmental Landscape Management - (Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Environmental Technician - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Environmental Technology - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Esthetician; Diploma
Esthetics and Spa Therapies; Diploma
Event and Media Production - (formerly Corporate Media Production); Diploma
Event Management - Event and Exhibit Design; Post-diploma
Event Marketing - Sports, Entertainment, Arts (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma
Fashion Arts; Diploma
Fashion Business; Diploma
Fashion Business Management; Diploma
Fashion Studies; Certificate
Financial Services Client Services; Diploma
Financial Services Compliance Administration; Post-diploma
Fire Protection Engineering Technician; Diploma
Fire Protection Engineering Technology - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training; Certificate
Floral Design; Certificate
Forensic Investigative Studies; Certificate
Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting; Post-diploma
Game Art and Animation; Post-diploma
General Arts - English for Academic Purposes; Certificate
General Arts - One Year Certificate; Certificate
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Post-diploma
Graphic Design; Diploma
Green Business Management; Post-diploma
Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Human Resources Management - (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Independent Digital Photography; Diploma
Independent Illustration; Diploma
Independent Music Production; Certificate
Interactive Media Design (Formerly Digital Media Arts (DMA)); Diploma
International Business Management; Post-diploma
International Transportation and Customs; Diploma
Journalism; Diploma
Journalism (Joint Seneca/York); Diploma
Law Clerk; Diploma
Law Clerk (Accelerated); Diploma
Liberal Arts; Diploma; University Transfer
Library and Information Technician; Diploma
Library and Information Technician (Accelerated); Diploma
Marketing Management - (Optional Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technician (Tool Design); Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Building Sciences - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial Design; Diploma
Mechanical Techniques (Tool and Die/Mould Making) - (Pre-apprenticeship for Tool & Die Maker, Mould; Certificate
Mechanical Techniques - CNC Programming; Certificate
Nursing - (Collaborative BScN Degree Program with York University / Seneca College); Bachelor; University Transfer
Office Administration - Executive; Diploma
Office Administration - Legal; Diploma
Office Administration - Medical; Diploma
Opticianry (Co-op); Diploma
Opticianry - (Part-Time); Diploma
Paralegal; Diploma
Paralegal (Accelerated); Diploma
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations - (Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Police Foundations; Diploma
Practical Nursing; Diploma
Pre-Business - (formerly Business Fundamentals); Certificate
Pre-Health Science; Certificate
Pre-Media (Media and Communications Fundamentals); Certificate
Professional Accounting Practice; Post-diploma
Project Management - Environmental; Post-diploma
Project Management - Information Technology - (optional co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Real Property Administration (Assessment and Appraisal); Diploma
Real Property Administration (Assessment and Appraisal) (Accelerated); Diploma
Recreation and Leisure Services - (Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Social Service Worker; Diploma
Social Service Worker - (Accelerated); Diploma
Social Service Worker - Gerontology; Diploma
Social Service Worker - Immigrants and Refugees; Diploma
Social Service Worker - Immigrants and Refugees (Accelerated); Diploma
Technical Communication - (Co-op); Post-diploma; Co-op
Tourism - Travel Operations; Certificate
Tourism and Travel - Flight Services Option; Diploma
Tourism and Travel - Meeting, Conventions, and Conferences Specialization - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Tourism and Travel - Tourism Services Specialization - (Optional Co-op); Diploma; Co-op
Underwater Skills; Certificate
Veterinary Technician; Diploma
Visual Effects for Film and Television; Post-diploma
Visual Merchandising Arts; Diploma

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