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Bishop's University

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Accounting (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
Accounting (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Accounting (B.B.A.); Bachelor
Accounting (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
Art History and Theory; Bachelor; Honours
Arts Administration; Bachelor
Arts Management; Certificate
BEAP (English Acculturation Program); n/a
Biochemistry - Biology; Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry - Biology; Bachelor
Biochemistry - Chemistry; Bachelor
Biochemistry - Chemistry; Bachelor; Honours
Biology (B.A.) - Health Science; Bachelor
Biology (B.A.) - Life Sciences; Bachelor
Biology (B.Sc.) - Health Science; Bachelor
Biology (B.Sc.) - Health Science; Bachelor; Honours
Biology (B.Sc.) - Life Sciences; Bachelor; Honours
Biology (B.Sc.) - Life Sciences; Bachelor
Biology and Secondary Education; Bachelor
Business (B.A.); Bachelor
Chemistry; Bachelor
Chemistry; Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry and Secondary Education; Bachelor
Classical Studies; Bachelor; Honours
Classical Studies; Bachelor
Computer Science; Bachelor
Computer Science; Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science; Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
Computer Science; Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Science; Certificate
Drama; Bachelor
Drama; Bachelor; Honours
Economics; Bachelor
Economics; Bachelor; Honours
Education - Elementary; Bachelor
English; Bachelor
English - Cultural and Media Studies; Bachelor
English - Education; Bachelor
English - Film Studies; Bachelor
English - Film, Media, and Cultural Studies; Bachelor; Honours
English - Literature; Bachelor; Honours
English - Literature; Bachelor
English - Popular Narrative; Bachelor
English Second Language Teaching and Secondary Education; Bachelor
Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.); Bachelor
Environmental Science; Bachelor
Environmental Science - Environmental Chemistry; Bachelor
Environmental Science - Environmental Physics; Bachelor
Environmental Studies; Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Studies; Bachelor
Finance (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
Finance (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Finance (B.B.A.); Bachelor
Finance (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
Fine Arts; Bachelor
Fine Arts and Secondary Education; Bachelor
French; Bachelor
French; Bachelor; Honours
French / Spanish and Secondary Education; Bachelor
French and Secondary Education; Bachelor
Gender, Diversity & Equity Studies; Bachelor
General Business Management (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
General Business Management (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
General Business Management (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
General Business Management (B.B.A.); Bachelor
Geography; Bachelor
Geography; Bachelor; Honours
Gerontology; Certificate
History; Bachelor
History; Bachelor; Honours
Human Resources (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
Human Resources (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Human Resources (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
Human Resources (B.B.A.); Bachelor
Information Technology; Bachelor
International Business (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
International Business (B.B.A.); Bachelor
International Business (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
International Business (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
International Political Economy; Bachelor; Honours
International Political Economy; Bachelor
International Studies; Bachelor
International Studies; Bachelor; Honours
Liberal Arts; Bachelor
Major in Fine Arts Concentration in Art History and Theory; Bachelor
Marketing (B.B.A.); Bachelor
Marketing (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op
Marketing (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Marketing (B.B.A.); Bachelor; Co-op, Honours
Mathematical Economics; Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (B.A.); Bachelor
Mathematics (B.Sc.); Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (B.Sc.); Bachelor
Mathematics and Secondary Education (B.A.); Bachelor
Mathematics and Secondary Education (B.S.C.); Bachelor
Mathematics and Spanish; Bachelor
Modern Languages; Certificate
Modern Languages - Italian Studies; Bachelor
Modern Languages - French; Bachelor
Modern Languages - German Studies; Bachelor
Modern Languages - Hispanic Studies; Bachelor
Modern Languages - Japanese; Bachelor
Music; Bachelor
Music; Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy; Bachelor
Philosophy; Bachelor; Honours
Physics; Bachelor
Physics; Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Secondary Education; Bachelor
Political Studies; Bachelor; Honours
Political Studies; Bachelor
Popular Music Studies; Bachelor; Honours
Popular Music Studies; Bachelor
Psychology (B.A.); Bachelor
Psychology (B.A.); Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.A.) - Applied; Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.A.) - Applied; Bachelor
Psychology - Neuroscience (B.Sc.); Bachelor
Psychology - Neuroscience (B.Sc.); Bachelor; Honours
Public History; Bachelor
Religion; Bachelor; Honours
Religion; Bachelor
Secondary Education and Drama; Bachelor
Secondary Education and Music; Bachelor
Secondary Teacher Education; Bachelor
Social Studies and Secondary Education; Bachelor
Sociology; Bachelor; Honours
Sociology; Bachelor
Sports Studies; Bachelor
Sports Studies - Business and Sports Studies; Bachelor
Sports Studies - Health and Sports Studies; Bachelor
Teaching English as a Second Language; Certificate
Women's Studies; Certificate

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